In spite of the advancement in universal healthcare and achieving impressive Human Development Indicators, the State is gearing up to address second generation health care issues. The demands on Government healthcare systems far exceed its capacity. 
Mission AARDRAM aims at creating "People Friendly" Health Delivery System in the state. The approach will be need based and aims at treating every patient with ‘dignity'. Through the state of the art investigation and intervention protocols it envisages transforming all Primary Health Centers into Family Health Centres as a first level Health delivery point. The mission envisages ensuring quality care at Primary Health Centres. All high footfall hospitals will be transformed to patient friendly Out Patient service providers. The services include web based appointment system, virtual queues, patient reception at registration centres, waiting rooms with wi-fi facilities and so on. 
The Government is committed to people-friendly healthcare for delivering the public sector health care system to make quality specialist health care facilities accessible to the poorest of the poor. 
The objectives of Mission Aardram are: 
  • Transform PHCs into FHCs
  • Avail the best service of the best doctors and para medical staff
  • Reform out-patient management procedures with state-of-the-art facilities
  • Facilitate with hygienic and spacious wards, rooms, beds and toilets
  • Avail Life Saving Medicines from the hospital concerned on moderate rates
The Government aims at making public health care institutions especially government hospitals at primary, secondary and tertiary care sector, people friendly by improving their basic infrastructure. The focus would be on ensuring availability of medical check-up and other investigations at the out-patient and in-patient wings. 
The activities of the Mission would cover three major sectors in State's health care delivery system; Government medical college hospitals, district hospitals, taluk hospitals and alternative systems covering Ayurveda and Homoeo hospitals and Primary Health Centres (PHCs). 
eHealth is the pioneer project funded by Government of India and Department of Health and Family Welfare, Government of Kerala, designed to provide citizens of Kerala with a convenient centralized healthcare system. As the system is AADHAAR based, citizens will have unique identification and unified health care record. The system will help citizens to book appointment and visit any government hospital through this portal. The citizens can walk into any government hospital without carrying any old consultation papers. A comprehensive Electronic Health Record(EHR) with details of all the treatments a citizen has undergone is available in this portal for the registered users at finger tips. As the past records of the treatments are available, doctors will be in a better position to provide personalized attention to the citizen. This system will cover around 1400 government hospitals including medical colleges across the state. The pharmacies and laboratories of the hospitals are also automated to facilitate the citizens with minimum waiting period at these service centres.